Pac-12 Info

Why it Matters

Pac-12 schools have long shared a unique tradition of hands-on, empirical learning at the hands of world-class educators; the U's MUSE Project promotes interdisciplinary learning and collaboration between students and researchers.

Like the schools of the Pac-12, the U gives home to National Academy Members, globally renowned experts, and Nobel Prize winners.

Acclaimed geneticist Mario R. Capecchi was a 2007 Nobel Prize-winner and will fit in nicely with the Nobel laureates from California and other Pac-12 institutions.

Also, the U brings the best and brightest students from across the globe to engage in a truly transformative educational environment and experience, one that prepares them for real-world challenges and opportunities.

The U joins a conference dedicated to academic merit with particular focus on building and nurturing excellence in student athletes. Out of 372 students athletes recently assessed, 93 student athletes were eligible for the Dean’s List and 208 student athletes earned a 3.0 GPA (honor roll) or higher.