The Arts on Campus

The U is home to an arts and culture scene that features the state's flagship fine arts museum, an arboretum that doubles as one of the most happening summer concert venues in the West, theaters that attract Broadway-quality performances, and a natural history museum that has been lauded as one of the best in the country. Learn more about the arts and culture opportunities at the University of Utah below.

Performance Venues

Learn More About Performance VenuesCampus is home to a variety of wonderful performance venues that range from the small and intimate to the spacious and grand. Whether it's a fresh and edgy theatre production from current students or a sophisticated, highly honed musical performance from a professional orchestra, you can catch it at the U.

Museums and Galleries

Learn More About Museums and GalleriesLooking for some inspiration? Try the state's visual fine arts museum. Or, if you require something more avant-garde, the work of students and faculty at the Gittins Gallery always stretches the canvas of art. Include one of the country's finest natural history museums and the state's arboretum, and it's apparent that campus is teeming with culture.

Academic & Youth Programs

Learn More About Academic & Youth ProgramsNot only are the arts practiced and performed on campus, they're taught here, too. The U's College of Fine Arts boasts six schools and departments committed to the cultivation of classical and contemporary arts through rigorous training.

For the younger student, there are many arts and culture enrichment programs that the entire family can enjoy.