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Student Success

Why choose the University of Utah? Not all degrees are created equal. When you choose the U, you're earning a degree from a top-notch school with a highly rated return on investment. Talk about value!

Have you ever wondered what you'll do AFTER you've earned your degree? Visit our Career Services site to learn more about who is hiring U graduates.

Whether it's the sciences, medicine, the arts or technology, our graduates go on to do great things. Here's just a sampling:


Florian Solbacher

U Electrical Engineer Turns Brain Implant Research into Products

Florian Solbacher, an engineering professor at the U, is developing neural interface technology. That's right—technology that transmits brain activity to a computer. This technology is on the cutting edge of developments for prosthetic limbs, nervous system disorders, and countless other fields. The advances being made have attracted startups Blackrock Microsystems and Blackrock NeuroMed, that have built a brand-new $11 million facility in the University's Research Park.



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Let us help you along the way

Just because the U is a big school does not mean you have to fend for yourself. The University has many people and offices whose primary role is to assist students during their U college career. Often times, our most successful students are those who choose to take advantage of the resources available on campus.



Here’s just a smattering of offices and resources that are here to help:

Last Updated: 3/4/24