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The Arts — Academic Programs

The arts on campus begins in the classroom. Whether that classroom is a welding shop, dance studio, concert hall, or a game-design space, the lessons taught there come from innovative and expert faculty who contribute to the esteemed national rankings that many of the U's arts programs enjoy.

College of Fine Arts

The University of Utah College of Fine Arts faculty and programs challenge, immerse and ultimately prepare the committed student for a rewarding career in the modern workforce. The College is home to the Schools of Dance and Music, the Departments of Art & Art History, Film & Media Arts, and Theatre. Find your voice, fuel your passion, and ignite your future.

Department of Art & Art History

The dynamic environment created within the department is fertile ground for those serious about art making, research, critical discourse and teaching. Art & Art History mentors students in innovation, critical thinking, craft and exploration, and creates exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations.

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School of Dance

The School of Dance, housed within the Marriott Center for Dance on the campus of the NASD-accredited University of Utah, is an educational community committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Facilitating the growth and success of tomorrow’s dance artists, the various BFA and MFA programs offer comprehensive courses of study that explore possibility and honor tradition -- positioning dance as a continually evolving art, where embodied knowledge and artistic research are experienced through diverse creative, physical, intellectual, pedagogical and cultural practices. 

Home to the acclaimed Ballet and Modern Dance Programs, the School of Dance boasts renowned faculty and offers students a wide range of subjects and opportunities including ballet and contemporary techniques, jazz, West African, music, performance, choreography, improvisation, screendance, theory, pedagogy, kinesiology and interdisciplinary explorations.

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U of U Film & Media Arts from U of U College of Fine Arts on Vimeo.

Department of Film & Media Arts

Honoring the rich traditions and shared history of moving image making and study, The Department of Film & Media Arts at the University of Utah develops and supports independent artists across the spectrum of contemporary film and media arts, and prepares graduates to be active participants in the evolving media landscape.

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School of Music

With world-class faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and an inclusive, student-focused, learning environment, the School of Music fosters the next generation of performers, composers, scholars, and educators. Students receive a personalized, rigorous, and transformative education to become experienced, career-ready musicians.

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Department of Theatre

The Department of Theatre provides students with rigorous training, independent learning opportunities, and outlets for creative exploration in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the discipline, craft, and art of theatre. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for advanced graduate work, as well as careers in theatre and related fields. As members of a research-intensive institution, our faculty engage in cutting-edge collaborations that allow our students to expand their horizons for both education and employment. We are committed to taking measurable actions in our programs and productions to foster equity and diversity, prioritize inclusion and representation, and promote personal wellness and responsibility.

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Arts Teaching

The Arts Teaching Program in the College of Fine Arts is an interdisciplinary academic program that prepares and trains educators to work authentically alongside children, youth, and citizens in a wide variety of educational, community, and artistic contexts. In response to the collaborative and expansive work the field of arts education has grown to encompass, the College of Fine Arts seeks to meet the demands of more interdisciplinary practice. The program provides educators and teaching artists opportunities to not only teach the arts in their traditional forms, but also in ways that promote interpersonal, social, political, and environmental action.

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